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Educational Options


Residents placed at Valley Oak are expected to participate in the appropriate school setting. We work closely with the local school districts to determine the appropriate educational placement for each resident. School resources available are:

  1. Regular Classes in Public Schools
  2. Learning Handicapped (L.H.)
  3. Resource Specialist (R.S.)
  4. Emotionally Disturbed (E.D)
  5. Continuation Classes
  6. Adult Education
  7. Regional Occupational Program (R.O.P)

Valley Oak also works closely with South San Joaquin Education Center, a non-public school. The school is certified for emotionally disturbed children (ED) and for children who need a non-public school setting. The school is licensed for 24 students and is staffed with a 1-4 supervision ratio. The students are comprised of residents at Valley Oak as well as community children.